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Houston apartments for rent and apartments for lease are located throughout Houston in such areas as Houston's Downtown, Greenway Plaza, Texas Medical Center, Galleria, Midtown, Washington Heights, Upper Kirby, and Montrose. When deciding to rent an apartment in Houston or get a Houston apartment for lease, you should consider the different apartment options available in Houston. Call today to speak with a Houston apartment Realtor for Leasing and Renting, our services are free.

Looking for the perfect place to call home? Your search ends here. Houston is a prime location for property and apartments for rent because of its reputation as a thriving metropolis which countless diverse attractions call home. Despite its high-end structures and new-age advancements, Houston will make you feel at home with its friendly people and genuine southern hospitality.

Houston is a big city, and there are countless areas to choose from when figuring out where to find your next apartment for rent. Although each amazing place is nestled in the same large land area, they’re all extremely different. So, before you make that final decision, it’s important to understand just what you’re going to get from each unique Houston neighborhood.

DOWNTOWN HOUSOTN — If you’re into bars, parties, and the excitement of nightlife, then Downtown Houston is the place for you. Downtown is home to countless posh establishments – from snazzy new restaurants, to the hippest bars. There’s a place for those looking for a more quiet night out, too, with Market Square Park and GreenStreet. Here, you can enjoy the cool night breeze while you appreciate art, live shows, and music just a few steps away from your future apartment in Houston for rent.

Apartments in the Downtown Houston area are tailored to fit the sprawling night life. Here, properties are made to conform to the lifestyle of the people who enjoy the posh culture, so you can expect classy, modern, high-rise structures that give off that upbeat city look. Feel your finest at Downtown Houston and locate the perfect apartment for rent that fits your needs.

MIDTOWN — Because of its close proximity to Downtown, Midtown Houston offers an equally vibrant night life for those professionals seeking the perfect place to party after a long day’s work. But Midtown differs in that it offers unique locally crafted art shops and offbeat boutiques that can be hard to find anywhere else. Enjoy a quiet brunch with friends or appreciate some art at the local galleries before diving head first into the energetic night culture at the best local bars and clubs.

The Midtown scene is perfect for young professionals looking for the right place that will provide comfort, fun, and frolic during those well-deserved breaks from work. Midtown lofts and apartments for rent offer the best view of the Downtown skyline as well as century-old oaks that line the Museum District.

GALLERIA — Shoppers unite! The Galleria neighborhood in Houston offers some of the best finds for those who love the sport of shopping. With countless shopping centers and fabulous bazaars to explore, Galleria is the ultimate fashionista and style savvy’s dream. This neighborhood is lined with retailers, dining choices, and hotels that make up majority of its 2 square miles. Home to Galleria Mall, the largest shopping center in Texas, you’ll never find yourself out of options when it comes to shopping possibilities.

Apartments for rent in Galleria, Houston offer ease of access to many establishments for your ultimate convenience. From snazzy studio type apartments, to spacious, classy-looking lofts, there are apartment rental options for every kind of budget.

MONTROSE — Overt at Montrose, anything goes. This sweet spot in the heart of the city is home to countless finds and boutiques sure to satisfy the treasure hunter in you. Spend the night at one of the many local cafes, or take some time to tickle your penchant for art at the many eccentric art galleries that line the streets of this offbeat haven. If you’re the kind of person who wants excitement every day, then Montrose is the place for your next apartment in Houston for rent.

RIVER OAKS — Enjoy a classy evening date at the River Oaks Theatre – the oldest existing theatre in the city of Houston. River Oaks is where the rich and the famous wine, dine, shop, and live! This thriving millionaire’s paradise is home to some of the most expensive real estate in the city. It’s well known not only for its high-end homes and mansions, but also for its state-of-the-art shopping centers. If you want to live like royalty, then an apartment in River Oaks is definitely the best choice for you.

HOUSTON HEIGHTS — Looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life? Houston Heights offers the perfect paradise for young couples and those quiet, artsy types with its humble cafes, offbeat boutiques, and simple streets. This little community is well-known for its fine artwork, crafts, and plant fairs held on the first Saturday of each month. Live the simple life and rent an apartment in the Houston Heights today.

UPPER KIRBY — Back in the day, Upper Kirby was an unremembered strip that seemed to never see the light of day, but thanks to numerous repairs and additions, this now thriving, energetic, and upbeat area serves as the home of countless one-of-a-kind restaurants and boutiques. Enjoy an after work conversation with the many throngs of people that come out in the evening hours for a bite at some of the most coveted restaurants in Houston.

WASHINGTON HEIGHTS — Get around easy with Washington Heights’ taxi-bus concept. If you’re all about fresh new finds and feasts, then Washington Heights is the place for you. Enjoy some of the best restaurants and bars Houston has to offer and have a night of fun-filled frolic down at the strip. Experience some of the hottest spots to hang out, meet new people over at Washington Heights / Corridor — your next apartment for rent awaits.

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