Apartments In Greenway Plaza — Greenway Plaza is a great example of how modern Houston truly is. When it comes to Greenway Plaza apartments 77027, you’re going to find some truly impressive examples. Greenway Plaza stands as the first completely planned business/commercial/residential complex in Houston. To that end, you’re going to find a great deal in the way of businesses, companies, and other interests. You will certainly find a great deal that is worth your time, in terms of apartments in Greenway Plaza.

77027 Greenway Plaza Apartments — You’re going to notice that the Greenway Plaza complex is large. It is comprised of ten buildings. Each of these ten buildings operate with a variety of companies, shops, businesses, restaurants, and even hotels. You can find a Doubletree Hotel at Greenway Plaza, in addition to the Houston City Club. Greenway Plaza is also home to Tony’s, which is considered to be one of the most famous restaurants in all of Houston, Texas. The Greenway Condominiums can also be found here.

In addition to all of this, Greenway Plaza is also notable for its location. Living here will give you the opportunity to enjoy everything Greenway Plaza has to offer. At the same time, you’re going to love the fact that you can get to other parts of Houston with relative ease. Certainly, this is a great place to live, if you are planning to work at one of the companies that is located at Greenway Plaza. However, if you plan to call Greenway Plaza home, with your commute taking you to another part of Houston, you’re going to be pleased with how easily you can access other parts of the city.

When it comes to Greenway Plaza apartments 77027, you’re definitely not lacking in options. There are a range of apartments in Greenway Plaza to consider. Sendera at Greenway is a great example of what you can take advantage of in this area. You will find at this building in particular offers a plethora of attractive, modern 1-3 bedroom apartments for rent. Continuing your tour of Greenway Plaza apartments, you will want to note Greenway Court, as well. This building is another excellent example of the fact that no matter what you want from apartment buildings in Houston, you can find something. These affordable apartments feature floor plans for one bedroom apartments, two bedroom apartments, and even three bedroom apartments. The Place at Greenway is yet another example of what you can find in the way of apartments here.

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